Wheel Alignment and Tracking

XJK Limited is Staffordshire's No. 1 for Wheel Alignment and Tracking. We have the latest state of the art HD Camera Alignment System, it allows us to adjust any make and model and we receive all the latest data and updates from all manufacturers, keeping XJK Limited as your No. 1 Alignment Specialist. Our service to you includes a full technical computer data⁄analysis report before and after alignment.

The Alignment System reduces constant tyre wear, excessive suspension component wear, increased positive steering and saves fuel consumption, not forgetting helping your vehicle improve its carbon footprint.

The technology and experience we have is used by many Dealerships and associated services.

XJK Align and Track the following Makes:

Jaguar/Aston Martin⁄Mercedes⁄BMW⁄Porsche⁄Ferrari⁄Lamborghini⁄Mercedes⁄Rolls Royce⁄Audi⁄Land Rover⁄ Range Rover⁄Ford⁄Peugeot⁄Renault & more, but too many to list!

If you have any questions about the alignment on your vehicle please leave a message on our forum or email the workshop directly: workshop@xjkltd.co.uk

Alternatively speak to one of our Service Team on 01782 613434.

How often do I need my vehicle alignment checked?

We recommend your alignment inspection every 10,000 miles or as soon as you hit a heavy pot hole or kerb, require a suspension repair or are involved in an accident.

Does having worn tyres affect the alignment check?

Worn tyres will not affect the alignment readings but they will, however, make a big difference to how the car drives and feels. On inspection of your vehicle, we can assess the effect and suggest the best possible plan going forward.