MGF Rover BMC VVI Hydragas Hydrolastic Suspension Refill Top up service.

Posted by XJK Ltd on 04/07/2016 13:13

Full Hydrolastic service avalible at xjk ltd 


Car Suspension type Connections Ride height (from wheel centre to top of arch) ADO15 Mini saloon (Sept 1964-Oct 1968) and Cooper S (-June 1971) Hydrolastic Front-rear Up to late 1965: Front: 324-336mm Rear: 337-340mm Late 1965-on: Front: 315mm-350mm Rear: 325-340mm ADO16 BMC 1100/1300 Hydrolastic Front-rear Front: 346mm ADO17 BMC 1800/2200 Hydrolastic Front-rear Front: 378mm ADO61 Austin 3-litre Hydrolastic Front-rear ADO14 Austin Maxi (-Feb 1978) Hydrolastic Front-rear 359mm ADO14 Austin Maxi (Feb 1978-) Hydragas Front-rear 359mm ADO71 Leyland 18/22 series/Austin Princess Hydragas Front-rear 368mm LM19 Austin Ambassador Hydragas Front-rear 368mm ADO67 Austin Allegro and VP 1500 Hydragas Front-rear Up to VIN 226628: 375mm. VIN 226629 onwards: 368mm LC8 Austin/MG Metro (-April 1990, A-series engine) Hydragas Front seperate, rear connected side to side Front: 327mm ± 10mm Rear: 321mm ± 10mm Van Front: 331mm ± 10mm R6 Rover Metro/100 (April 1990-, K-series or diesel engine) Hydragas Front-rear Front: 341mm ± 10mm PR3 MGF (excluding TF) Hydragas Front-rear 368mm ± 10 mm at 17°C


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