Jaguar XKR fuel smell petrol gas

Posted by XJK Ltd on 18/06/2016 12:55

Hello Gavin or Ian, I have a problem with my XKR (2004 ) and I am not getting much help!

When I start up for the first time in a day and only the first time, I get a strong smell of raw petrol. On investigation by me it is localised to an area under the bonnet above the passenger side front shock absorber, I have checked this many times. If I switch off the A/C, heater it does not come in to the car but I assume that is because it is not sucked in by the heater fan! I seem to recall there is something to do with the fuel supply in the wheel arch but can not find any information on line. Your advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you in anticipation.

Answer ;

Take a look under the left front wheel arch trim, under there you will find the carbon filter. Make sure that all the pipes are connected and there are no leaks. You will not see fuel but you will get fuel vapour.



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