Jaguar XKR Fault Message Active front lights CATS DSC

Posted by XJK Ltd on 04/07/2016 13:42


Hello, Yesterday I got 3 fault messages on my XKR, 2007 aluminium body model, 27,000 miles. The messages all appeared at the same time and all cancelled after switching off the engine and re-starting. The messages were: Active front lighting (Amber) CATS system fault DSC not available I road tested the car today, all messages were gone. The lights went through their start up check, I have the lights on auto, and all was well. The DSC was working, I got the flashing light when the system was responding. The suspension seemed all OK, I drove in both normal and sport mode and the car cornered well, with no roll, no rough ride. So was this just a spurious event or is there something more fundamental at the root of this? I look forward to your advice.

Many thanks



Hi Alaister, There are a number of sensors on the car that can be used by more than one system. Something like the steering angle sensor signal will be used by all three of the system which you have seen an issue with. I would get the fault tree read to see what has gone on and then monitor to see if it fails again. If the issue keeps on happening then action will need to be taken or the fault codes may report that the battery was low on volts etc.

Regards Ian Kelsall Technical Adviser


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