Jaguar X-Type Egr Valve Orange Engine Management Light

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In the July 2016 edition of the Jaguar enthusiast magazine on x-type cars it refers to EGR problems which causes the engine management orange light come on. My x-type also has the orange engine management light come on. I have at least 2 possibly 3 sdd diag tests carried out by Stratsone in Cardiff, where the car is serviced each year and has a 6th month check too. Each test has not revealed the cause, but on the last one it stated P0174 (system too lean - Bank 2). After the test the light does not come on. However sometimes it comes on for a short period and then will disappear again. But at present it is back on again this time for about 2 weeks. The car seems to run ok, it does mainly short runs and the total mileage of the car is just over 40000 miles first registered Nov 2002. I wonder if you may know the likely cause or could suggest possible tests to check this out.



The ERG problem is an issue with diesel vehicle and looking at the age and the fault code on your car you have a petrol. The fault code P0174 reports that the forward (bank 2) bank of cylinders is too lean. This can be down to a air leak on the intake to this bank or an issue with fuel supply to it. The first this to check for is an air leak and the best way to do this is to smoke test the intake. There are a number of issue with the breather pipes on X Type where they split allowing air to enter the system. If the intake checks out correct then you need to start to look at the injectors and fuel pressure. The 2.0ltr X Type did have a lot of issue with blocked injectors which would cause the intake valves to stick on idle ( misfire and popping in the intake manifold) and the fault code which you have reported. I would suspect that you have an injector issue based on the fact that its only on one back. Hope this is of help Regards Ian Kelsall Technical Adviser


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