jaguar Dynamic Stability control s-type

Posted by XJK Ltd on 18/06/2016 12:11


Good evening,


we changed the automatic gearbox on our car, a Jaguar S-type 3.0l V6 (2000).

The digital display on the dashboard shows “DSC fault” (?)

Could you explain what’s happening and what means DSC? The gearbox has been overhauled, no leaks, etc...

Thank you for your answer!


Answer by xjk


DSC stands for Dynamic Stability Control which is part of the braking system who's job is to control the car under under hard cornering.
The system has logged a fault and is displaying a warning to tell the driver its inactive.
The car will have to be checked and any issues repaired. but once a repair is done the system has to be set up again. If its not the warning light will flash all the time.


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