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What causes abnormal tyre wear?

Camber wear - The inside edge, outside edge, or shoulder will show considerably more wear than the rest of the tyre, this can be caused by suspension misalignment, a dislocated strut tower, a bent strut, a broken or weak spring, or more commonly a collapsed or damaged control arm bush. Remedy - Having the suspension and alignment checked at XJK Independent Jaguar Specialist

Centre of the tread more worn than the shoulders - The centre of your tyres will have worn at a greater rate than the edges, over inflation may be one cause on one or more of your tyres, causing them to bulge in the middle.  Remedy - Call into XJK to have your tyre pressure checked against the manufacturers guidelines. 

Feathered directional wear pattern - The tread will feel smooth when rubbing your hand across it one way, but rough when rubbed the other way.  Feathered directional wear patterns can be caused by toe misalignment, worn tie rod ends, worn idler arms, bent steering linkage or bent steering arms.  Remedy - Having the suspension and alignment checked at XJK Independent Jaguar Specialist

Tyres shoulders more worn than the centre of the tyre - The edges of your tyres will be more worn than the centre of the tyre. There may not be enough tyre pressure in the tyre (underinflated).  Remedy - you should check the recommended tyre pressure, or bring your car into XJK Independent Jaguar Specialist for a free tyre check. 

Cupped wear pattern - Dips or cups will appear around the edge of the tread on your tyre, the cause could be that one of your tyres could be out of balance with the others, or your shock absorbers or struts could be weakened.  Remedy - Call into XJK and have your tyres balanced and your shock absorbers/struts checked for wear and weakness.

Tyre facts:

In the US, nearly 50 million pounds of rubber is worn off tyres every single week, thats enough to make 3 million new tyres!

All tyres in Europe have to be sold with an EU rating

Most drivers do not know alot about their tyres, do you know how to check your tyre depth?  The legal minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6 millimetres

Keep your tyres legal, regularly check your tyres to avoid 3 penalty points and £2,500 in fines. 


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