Jaguar Help and Advice

If my Jaguar, Land Rover is in warranty, will it invalidate it by bringing it to you?

You can bring it to us for all servicing and inspections and it will not affect your warranty in any way. We only use genuine ⁄ oe parts and work to Jaguar, Land Rover' Service Schedules including XJK's own checks and inspections. If you require any more information you can check on the European Commission web site ref block exemption regulation 1400/2002.

My jaguar, Land Rovers engine light is on what should i do?

If you have an amber light and you have a message restricted performance you should get your vehicle to xjk as soon as possible for a diagnosis if your vehicle has a red lamp you should stop immediately  and ring us for advice.

My locking wheel nut key is missing

xjk parts dept should be able to help with a replacement key or a new set of locking wheel nuts xjk have a master set of tools to remove the locking nuts

My jaguar, Land Rover requires repair i have a extended warranty can i bring it to xjk

Yes xjk is registered to carry out jaguar, Land Rover extended warranty repairs and also registered with the aa rac and 1 link fleet services most used car warranties are also undertaken

My xk8 windows drop but dont go back up

Yes this is a common fault and normaly associated with a low or flat battery and just require a reset procedure which our technicians can explain with a simple phone call.

Can i wait for my car while the repair is being carried out?

Yes you can wait for your car in our ‘quite zone’ area which has free wi-fi access and complimentary drinks. alternatively if you have a few hours spare, why not take a look at our 'make a day of it' page.

Can I pay by card?

Yes we accept card payments, and you can also pay over the phone. or alternatively you can use bacs, or good old cash.

Are you able to collect my car?

A collection service is available with prior notice.

Can you i have my car valeted at the same time?

Yes we do offer a valeting service, it can be just a wash and wax, or a complete make-over.

I have some stone chips on my car, are you able to repair it?

Yes we have a company that we can repair the chips.