Car Air Conditioning Refill and Recharge


Is Climate Control the same as Air Conditioning?

Climate Control is a more sophisticated control of temperature to whatever is required by the driver or even the passenger independently. Indeed there are now systems which can set four differing temperatures for the four corners of the car.

Do I really need it working?

The cleaner, fresher air with low Relative Humidity will enhance driver awareness and help prevent drowsiness making your journeys and those of your loved ones safer over long distances as drivers are better able to remain fresh and alert.

Does air conditioning use more fuel?

If you get in your car and drive up the motorway for a hundred miles at seventy miles an hour the amount of extra petrol or diesel used to run the AC is negligible. Indeed if you were to turn the AC off and drive instead with a window slightly open to keep cool, you may well find that the increased drag on the car would increase the fuel consumption more than by using the AC button.

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