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XJ8 Wheel Noise

Posted 8th of June 2012 at 12:00:00


Hi Barry,

I have recently purchased a Jaguar xj8 2006 sport. I wondered if you could help if maybe you could give me some idea of what would cause a droning at between 50-60mph. It appears to come from the near side rear.



Hi Ian,

          Thanks for the email.

I am no engineer but my first thoughts would turn to a wheel bearing failing.

I will however send this email to David Marks and XJK garages for any clues as to what the possible problem may be .They nay need further details from you to help out.

Best wishes,


Barry Wilkinson JEC X-350 coordinator


Hi Ian,

It does sound like you have some kind of bearing issue on your vehicle which we will need to work out which bearing is at fault. Drive your vehicle and see if you can load both the left and right rear  wheel bearings by moving the steering left and right. Steering to the right will load the left hand rear and steering left will load the right rear. Normally increasing the load on a bearing also increases the level of noise it produces when at fault. You could also get the vehicle driven on a ramp and inspect the bearing  with an engineer’s stethoscope. The dynamic stability control will need to be switched off and the garage will have to have the equipment to remove any fault codes which may log in the braking system.

Before doing any of this just have a good look at the tyre wear on your rear tyres, I have worked on a number of XJ’s and S types where tyre noise has been mistaken for tyre noise. Look for a wear pattern which feels like the teeth of a saw, smooth in one direction but shape in the other.   


Ian Kelsall

Technical Adviser

XJK The Independent Jaguar Specialist

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